The PEAK experience


Our research shows that high-performance cultures are cultivated by employees who effectively dialogue around high-stakes topics, hold others accountable, and remove barriers to change.

Achieving a
High-Performance Culture.

Building a high-performance culture is top of mind for organizations universally. From increasing engagement and developing leadership to improving retention and accelerating innovation, this focus on human capital is driving organizations to rethink the way work gets done.
Learning That Yields Results.
Our training programs are interactive, fun and thought provoking. They are designed to maximize learning. Heightened awareness of ineffective behaviour is achieved so that your employees at all levels and teams can have the ability to make constructive changes.



44% of employees do not feel physically energized at work.

Physical Energy
Employees who take a break every 90 minutes report;
  • 40% greater ability to think creatively 40% 40%
  • 30% higher level of health and well-being 30% 30%
  • 28% better focus 28% 28%



58% of CEOs are concerned about lack of trust.

Emotional Energy
Feeling satisfaction with one’s job is associated with:
  • 100% greater engagement 100% 100%
  • 54% better focus 54% 54%
PEAK delivers training to develop these skills.
Team Building

Become a high functioning and cohesive team with trust and openness as your foundation. Experience resilience and teamwork like never before.

Strong Communication Skills

Have all team members share authentically and powerfully their opinions and ideas so that staff engagement can be at its peak.

Strong Listening Skills

Be more relaxed, absorb information better, eliminate confusion and mistakes, maximize productivity and build interpersonal relationships.

Reliability & Accountability

Have your team members experience trust, self-discipline, respect for one another and responsibility for getting things done right.

Conflict Management

Engage in healthy and productive conflict focused on concepts and ideas and grow as a team more committed than ever before. 

Efficient Decision Making

Have your teams make effective decisions in which produces collective results that support the organization’s objectives.

Creative & Critical Thinking

Raise vital questions and problems and experience innovation, openness and mindfulness at its peak. Have your experts think with clarity and strategic focus.

Problem Solving

Find the best possible solutions, improvements and creativity in the shortest period of time. Work collaboratively with your team for peak results.

Relationship Building

Experience deepened business relationships founded with trust, authenticity and respect.  Achieve a common purpose together with clients and your employees.

Seneca College

"Julie's presentation was mindful and timely for our organization. There are many changes that have happened and will continue. Sometimes as staff we need an opportunity/reminder of the best approach to what is happening, To be open, to be able to change our mindset is so important." Sara - Toronto

City of Ottawa

"Engaging, clear, great content! Useful reminders of how to achieve and maintain balance. Straightforward, to the point and delivered with great energy. Walking the talk!" Joanne Grace - Office Supervisor

Ontario College Management Academy

"Great presentation that allowed for self-reflection of the 4 energy sources and how they impact my leadership and personal resilience."  Natashia Deer - Faculty at Centennial College

Fanshawe College

"Julie has brought a large amount of information and strategies to our team to not only become more aware of our own personal energy sources but how to overcome our deficiencies." Scott Mousseau - Manager Advancement Services, London ON

Personal Energy Management

Training Program

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PEAK Energy Management

Training Program

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