Tips for Working Remotely in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond

Whether you always worked-from-home or started this arrangement due to the coronavirus crisis, working remotely may have crystallized into a long-term reality for the near future. For some, this has translated into additional flexibility, less travel, and more family-time. For others, it has been a less than ideal arrangement due to space constraints, imbalance in household responsibilities, and other challenges. Workplace wellbeing consultant, professional speaker, and founder of PEAK Energy Management, Julie Richer offers some tips for working remotely in a successful and productive manner.

Successful Ways to Reframe and Reclaim your Productive Work Day

Staying on task while sharing a space with children or pets can be quite tough. Add to that the easy access to social networks or the numerous other distractions that compete for your time or attention. Here are some tips for working remotely that may help you make your remote working arrangement more productive.

Invest in dedicated work infrastructure: Creating a dedicated home office in a separate room is ideal. If you do not have that option, set up your work desk in a less busy area of the home. Restrict access to kids and pets during your set work hours in order to retain a professional atmosphere. Invest in a proper desk, an ergonomic chair, a robust internet connection, and other necessary office tools and supplies. Keep your work area organized and clutter-free.

Get Organized: Tackling personal and professional chores without a systematic plan can completely disrupt your workflow while working remotely. Try to segregate and complete your household activities before you start work, or schedule them between your pre-planned breaks. Use mobile apps, notes or other reminders that help you stick to your daily agenda. Set your electronic devices on appropriate modes to avoid distractions related to social media usage, casual browsing, online shopping, or personal emails.

Set Boundaries: Speak to all members of the household about shared responsibilities and schedules that bring consistency to your work-from-home routine. Try to maintain a fixed time for grocery runs, pet walks, children’s meal and nap times, and other personal chores. Instruct family members on when you should not be interrupted, including visual aids or gestures that indicate you are attending to critical work calls or meetings.

Take Breaks: One of the inherent challenges of working remotely is that you can lose track of time, especially if you are all by yourself. Schedule regular breaks, keep reminders to hydrate yourself and walk around periodically, eat meals away from your desk, and make time for your health and wellbeing. Giving yourself some pockets of respite will also serve as strategic pauses that re-energize your brain and help you remain more focused and productive while working remotely.

Boost Your Resilience, Wellbeing, and Productivity While Working Remotely

At PEAK Energy Management, we offer customized programs that empower teams or individuals across the organizational hierarchy. Besides essential skills and work tools to succeed in work-from-home arrangements, our programs help in boosting productivity, reducing mental clutter and creating a greater sense of purpose and engagement while working remotely.

Looking for ideas to maximize your remote working environment? Contact us at PEAK Energy Management. We can help you make work-from-home arrangements more productive and successful.