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Top 3 Productivity Tips

Have you been feeling that in the last 3 to 5 years of your life, things have just been spinning out of control? Do you feel like you are running on a treadmill at work and getting home exhausted? Did you notice that you have to put in more time and energy to accomplish all that you want, but still not feeling like you are accomplishing much?

Unfortunately we only have 168 hours in a week and unless you have a magic wand, that’s not changing. So how do we keep up with the increasing demand in our lives and actually get every thing done without burning ourselves out or forgetting half of what we want to accomplish?

Here are my Top 3 Productivity Tips that keep me on the ball
with all that I’m juggling in my personal and professional life.

Tip #1: 90 minute sprints of ‘absorbed focus’

They key is this: 1. Remove all distractions 2. Focus hard on one task 3. Take a break (a real break, not one on social media) 4. Repeat.

Tip #2:
Plan tomorrow, today.

Before you leave at the end of your workday, plan to work on your biggest project for the first 90 min’s of your next day. No matter what, no matter how tempting it is to start your day by just quickly glancing your inbox… Don’t do it!

Tip #3:
Breathe To Renew

It’s not the quantity of break that you take, but more the quality of your break. So if you are a workaholic and glued to your desk, at a minimum… every 90 min’s stop and do this short breathing exercise.