PEAK Energy Management

Training Program
(Level 2)

We work with forward thinking organizations, dedicated and driven individuals that are hungry for change.

Our Philosophy.
Defining PEAK Energy Management.
PEAK Energy Management Training Program : Bring your team at the next level by enhancing team cohesiveness, innovation and engagement. Ensure everyone is aligned with your organization’s priorities and goals for maximum results and wellbeing.
PEAK Energy Methodology.
Our PEAK Energy Management Training Program can be tailored to meet your training needs. We recommend the delivery to be done over a 6-month period for self-reflection, integration and time to practice new habits and strategies.
Is wellbeing in the workplace a priority
for your organization?
Begin your journey
With pre-workshop assessments for yourself, your team and your organization’s culture.
Step 1:
With survey results in hand, continue your journey with a full day on “Foundations to a Highly Functioning Team” and 6 Modules delivered monthly.
Step 2:
Off-site Full Day Workshop
Module 1 – “Foundations to a Highly Functioning Team”
Review your survey results and begin your powerful journey with awareness, a team vision and the introduction to the “Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team™”
Step 3:
On-site Monthly
Half-day Workshops.
Module One
Master Conflict & Crucial Conversations

An introduction to effective and simple strategies that you need to efficiently communicate in order to build stronger relationships and better outcomes. You will learn that productive conflict is necessary and how to manage it with greater ease.

Module Two
Reach Collective Buy-in For The Best Decisions

In this workshop we review how essential commitment is needed from everyone on board. No more rolling of the eyes after a meeting or water cooler conversation, here you will get complete buy-in on decision making even from those who initially disagreed.

Module three
Build Peak Performance With Accountability

With the ability to master conflict, in this workshop you will learn how to set high standards for all team members and hold team members accountable for their responsibilities. Experience respect amongst peers and a peak performing team.

Module Four
Focus On Collective Results

In this workshop we focus on results and the importance of identifying the organization’s vision so that all members regardless of their responsibilities and expertise are doing their best to help accomplish team goals and achieve peak performance.

Module Five
The Best Productivity Tips

In this workshop you will learn how to maximize productivity. From checking emails, running meetings, planning, meeting deadlines, prioritizing and completing tasks, we cover the essentials to help you manage your busy schedule while keeping your energy high and productive!

Module Six
Maximizing Results
& Next Steps

In this workshop we talk about and plan for sustainability. We identify strategies on how you can maintain peak performance and wellbeing in your organization.

What’s included
to maximise results?
Monthly check-ins group conference calls to ensure learning continuity and accountability
1:1 Coaching
Individual Coaching is available for additional support
PEAK Energy Management Training Program
Is wellbeing in the workplace a priority
for your organization?
Are you looking for efficient and simple strategies to increase productivity and decrease absenteeism, low morale, disengagement and fatigue? How about being constantly busy but feeling rarely productive?