Managing Distractions while Remote Working

In the COVID-19 era, although most of us have established a new routine for working from home, we continue to struggle with managing distractions while working remotely. However, changing certain habits or forming new ones can help in minimizing interruptions during the productive work hours. Workplace wellbeing consultant, professional speaker, and founder of PEAK Energy Management, Julie Richer offers expert suggestions for maximizing your work-from-home arrangements.

Top Five Tips for Minimizing Disruptions to Your Work-from-Home Routine

Balancing your time between your work, childcare responsibilities, household chores, personal communication, and family-time can be quite challenging. Here are 5 ways for managing your time and attention, and making your work-from-home routine more productive and successful.

Create Physical Boundaries: Ideally, work in a room with a door. If that is not an option, choose an out-of-the-way location that has minimal traffic and interruptions by other members of the household. Avoid working from your bedroom.

Organize your Space: A clean, clutter-free, and organized workspace can go a long way in improving productivity and focus.

Set Expectations: By now, all of us have seen the chaos and imperfections of working from home, including screaming kids, noisy pets, bored teens, or oblivious spouses or roommates unwittingly causing disturbances during work calls. Hence, it is important to set expectations with other members of the household about your non-availability during certain hours of the day. If required, use visual aids to indicate that you are busy, or attending critical meetings or calls.

Don’t let Electronics Hijack your Day: Phones, tablets, and other electronic devices can suck you into a vortex of distracting messages and information that can take away several hours of your precious work time. In order to focus better, keep your devices in Do not Disturb mode. If that is not possible, disable the push notifications, set your group messages on silent, and avoid the temptation of constantly checking your devices for new emails, messages, online shopping, news feeds and such.

Organize your Day: Set time blocks for work as well as breaks. When possible, plan and prepare meals ahead of time. Get out of your pyjamas and wear comfortable clothes that help you transition into ‘work mode’.

Maximize your Productivity While Working from Home

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