How to Avoid High Performance Burnout

Top performers strive to go above and beyond, and almost never rest easy or take a break. However, such employees may eventually feel overworked, underpaid, underappreciated, and overwhelmed – all classic signs of burnout. Workplace consultant, professional speaker, and founder of PEAK Energy Management, Julie Richer outlines some steps to prevent high performance burnout.

Key Steps to Prevent Burnout Amongst Top Performers

Whether it is the onset of stress that leads to a few difficult days at work, or chronic stress that starts impacting behaviors, performance, productivity, and health, most professionals experience some level of burnout during the active working years. Attractive incentives and unlimited vacation time may have only a marginal impact on high performance burnout. Here are some steps that can help you maintain sustained levels of motivation, productivity, and engagement amongst your top performers.

Notice the Signs: Recognizing the signs of burnout is half the battle won. Do your team members look exhausted or depressed? Are they frequently absent or falling ill? Is there a high level of irritability and cynicism in your teams? Timely interventions will help you mitigate the risks, avoid a drop in productivity or engagement levels, and prevent attrition amongst your key performers.

Pay Attention to the Workload: As a leader, you may inadvertently start delegating an unfair amount of work to your top performers, expecting quick and efficient delivery without providing them with adequate support. Instead, balance the workload, maintain appropriate staffing levels, provide clarity on performance goals, establish routine check-ins, and create a feedback culture. Remember to equip your performers with relevant project management tools for sustained efficiency and performance levels.

Prioritize Work Life Balance: Promoting a healthy work-life balance will help you combat top performance burnout on a long-term basis. Besides enforcing value vacations and encouraging flexible work schedules, set clear boundaries around work hours and expectations, and consider adding paid mental health days to your people policies.

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