The Foundation to Creating the Life You Want

Have you been feeling dissatisfaction in your life and are looking for deeper meaning? What about feeling tired that parts of your past are still having a negative effect on you? Do you want to make positive changes, but are not 100% sure where to start?

After losing my job and starting from scratch on building my own business, I realized that I was all over the place! Not only was I dissatisfied with what I was doing, I had dreams but didn’t know where to start. I wasn’t feeling the greatest about myself and how my life was.

It became clear to me that I needed to get a grip and focus on five key elements in order to help me make positive changes in my life… once and for all!

Key #1 – Be mindful

I told you I was all over the place right? When we are not satisfied with our life, it’s easy to become distracted, to procrastinate, to avoid reality and waste loads of time in one’s head. Yep, I’m talking to YOU — the one that is easily distracted and has a hard time focusing on one thing at a time… never feeling satisfied with one’s efforts.

Being mindful and present of one’s feelings, choice of behaviour and action or inaction is KEY to creating the life you want. Slow down, be present and focus on the present and on what you want instead of what you do not have yet.

Key #2 – Explore and determine what you want

Some of us live intently, some of us go with the flow and some of us struggle paddling upstream. How do you want to live your life? If you are feeling dissatisfaction in your life, then I recommend you take some “me time” and complete the Wheel of Life Exercise. From there, select an area of your life you want to improve and get clear on what you want and why you want it! How is your life going to improve as you move forward toward your goals? With or without goals, life will bring you whatever you are focusing on… good or bad, right or wrong. I say, “Live intently and design your life!”

Key #3 – Listen to your body

Do you realize how intuitive your body is? Did you know you can get ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers to your questions by muscle testing? Did you know if you are off course (not on your soul’s path) that your body will create physical symptoms to get your attention? Whatever aches and pains you have, or have experienced have a metaphysical meaning behind it. For ex: I had a client with sciatic nerve pain; she was also being hypocritical in one area of her life. I’ve had many clients with tensed shoulders who then realized that they have been people-pleasers and carrying the weight of everybody else’s happiness on their shoulders. Knowing what’s good and not good for you plays a HUGE role in your level of happiness, your decision-making and your overall life satisfaction. STOP and LISTEN to your body.

Key #4 – Explore and develop self-discipline

Do you label yourself as a procrastinator? Or do you have amazing ideas and aspirations but you just don’t crack the whip and do it? Developing self-discipline and/or rituals will help you reach your goals and aspirations faster! Just like a muscle, it takes time to develop self-discipline, however it can be done! Trust me, I know. I was the most laid back undisciplined person I knew. But then I realized the key to faster and more meaningful results is to develop rituals and to be consistent with it everyday. Rituals and self-discipline will change your life!

Key #5 – Find the hidden blessings      

Do you let your fears, past events or your lack of self-confidence stop you from moving forward?  Do you realize that in every given situation there is an equal amount of drawbacks to benefits?  If you knew deep down that you will benefit, grow and surpass your own expectations about yourself in any given situation, wouldn’t you just do it?

Looking at current, past or future events and identifying the good and the bad will set you free from fear, anger, resentment and guilt! The universe does not deliver a crisis without a blessing.  Do anything and everything to see the benefits behind negative experiences and then… step into the next best version of yourself!

These five keys have changed my life!

I am more focused, disciplined, I reach my goals, I have loads of energy and keep having creative ideas around what to do next… and I do it! Why? I’ve taken the time to develop these five keys even though I “failed” and gave up at times.  I’ve learned how to get back on the wagon and do it! Feel like doing it too? Let me help and guide you in this process.

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