Beat the Winter Blues while Working from Home

As per the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) almost 15% Canadians experience mild SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in their lifetime. Another 2% to 3% experience debilitating symptoms and make up about 10% of all depression cases. Whether it is SAD or the isolation of a remote working environment, the winter months can create a dent in your wellness and productivity levels. Workplace consultant, professional speaker, and founder of PEAK Energy Management, Julie Richer offers expert tips for minimizing SAD symptoms and beating the winter blues while working from home.

Top Five Tips to Keep the Winter Blues at Bay

Stay Active: Whether you have a home gym setup, or prefer outdoor walks or runs, staying active will go a long way in fighting the winter blues.

Get Enough Light: Stepping away from your screen and going outside for some fresh air can increase your serotonin levels and boost your energy. If going outdoors is not possible, ensure that you work in a well-lit and well-equipped space that elevates your mood.

Eat Well: Eat a balanced diet that contains mood-improving nutrients. Consider adding a vitamin D supplement to your daily food intake.

Stay Connected: Get on to Zoom or Facetime calls with friends and family, network online with co-workers or ex-colleagues, join virtual meet ups or online hobby groups.

Embrace the Season: Go skating or skiing, bake winter treats, enjoy hot beverages by the fireplace, cuddle up with your fuzzy blanket and binge-watch your favorite shows or movies. Indulging in mood-enhancing activities will leave you happy, energetic and productive.

Activate Peak Performance While Working from Home

At PEAK Energy Management, we believe your energy and mood can directly influence your wellbeing and productivity in a work-from-home environment. Our customized interventions can benefit teams or individuals across the organizational hierarchy in maximizing remote working arrangements at both, personal and professional levels.

Boost performance and wellness and beat the winter blues through tailor-made interventions by PEAK Energy Management. Contact us to explore our offerings.