3 Simple & Easy Things To Do for Workplace Well-being

3 Simple & Easy Things To Do for Workplace Well-being

Are you feeling stressed and possibly overwhelmed at work? Are you feeling unappreciated and would just like recognition once in while?  Are you lacking ‘zing’ in your work life and feel that employee morale needs a boost?

According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, 70% of Canadian employees are concerned about the psychological health and safety of their workplace, and 14% don’t think theirs is healthy or safe at all. How can we change these statistics and how can you experience greater well-being at your place of work?

Let’s get back to basics and apply three simple and easy things that will contribute towards workplace well-being.

“I’d like to dial it back 5% or 10% and try to have a vacation that’s not just e-mail with a view.” 
– Elon Musk

#1: Work smarter, not harder

The last thing you want to hear right now is that you need to work harder and hustle more, for what? To please your boss, to get the next promotion, to stay on top of your work or to lead by example? Actually, working harder will exhaust you and shorten your lifespan with very little benefits to you, your workplace and your loved ones.

Here are few things you can do to work smarter and not harder:

Take a quality break every 90-120 min. Your body needs to rest and renew for mental clarity, focus, emotional balance and stamina. Breathe and be present and avoid jumping on your smart phone as soon as you have a break. See breaks that will improve your work.

Keep your inbox clean. Unsubscribe to emails you barely read, reply to your emails that have been in your inbox way too long (or delete them) and do your best to keep your inbox at 50 emails max.

Be organized and consistent. Ensure you use a calendar for your appointments. Plan your entire week at a time. Use your system consistently.

Learn to set boundaries. If you have an organized calendar and planned your week, then you know what’s on your plate. You can say yes if your schedule permits the extra work, however if it doesn’t, then you need to be honest and learn to say no or maybe later. See this amazing article on how to set healthy boundaries at work.

Keep distractions and self-interruptions away. Put the smartphone on silent and keep it away from your sight, go to a private area to do focused work, avoid the temptation of replying to emails as they come in.

#2: Spread the love, the gratitude

I don’t know about you, but I am super productive when I feel good and honestly, I think that’s pretty much accurate for most people. What makes us feel good? Being appreciated, feeling like we belong and that we are of value.

Here are a few ideas that can uplift a workplace by initiating informal recognition:

  • Leave an anonymous “You’re Awesome” sticky on a colleagues or boss’s desk
  • Give a hand written note sharing your appreciation
  • Recognize great work, habits and behaviours to those you admire
  • Call out the small accomplishments in a meeting and/or finish a meeting by asking everybody to share a positive statements about the team
  • Got a budget? Take your team out for lunch or make it cheaper and order Pizza! Make sure you offer gluten-free.
  • No budget? Organize a potluck and take a moment to thank each member of your team.
  • Create an employee of the month board
  • Offer opportunities to learn and grow to those that strive to learn and excel
  • Take a colleague or and employee out for coffee
  • Ask your colleagues or team for ideas on what they want as informal recognition

#3: Find meaning and purpose in your work

The majority of people thrive on knowing they are making a difference. It just feels great when you help someone else or contribute in a positive way.  So how do you help?

You could do this quick exercise that will shed some light on how valuable you truly are.

List 3 or more important tasks you need to do and then write down why it’s important to do them well. Take it a step further and ask yourself what would happen if you didn’t accomplish these tasks? Who would suffer? What would breakdown?

 What also helps, is you knowing how your job fulfills your own personal values. Do you value flexibly and have the opportunity to work from home? Do you value travel time with your family and since the pay is good, it allows you to pay for exciting trips with your family? Do you value social connections and going into work allows you to connect and develop friendships with your colleagues? Find out what is really important to you and identify how your work is fulfilling those values of yours.


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Do you have any other simple tricks to increase well-being your workplace? If so, please share! I would love to hear about what you are doing at work that makes your job and workplace more pleasant!

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