PEAK Energy Management.
Activate Peak Performance &
Wellbeing in Your Organization.
Maximize Performance & Well-Being

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Is your leadership team overwhelmed with emails, meetings, a never ending tasks list and left depleted or uninspired?

Don’t do ‘Time Management’ do ‘Peak Energy Management’

Maximize Performance
with our Workplace Wellness Programs & Training

By Accessing All Four Energy Sources.
Personal and PEAK Energy Management is your solution for increased productivity, strategic insight, continuous improvement and for a strong and healthy workforce
Have more energy and experience stress-free productivity.
Learn to react better to stress and challenging situations.
Reduce mental clutter & have more focus and clarity for strategic thought.
Have a greater sense of purpose, know your priorities & be aligned with your workplace values.

Are you concerned about the wellbeing of your employees, stress in the workplace and the overall cost to the organization?

Learn to manage your energy
& not your time.
When multitasking, we loose 25% of time
when switching from one task to another.


When our workload increases, many of us decide to increase our number of working hours.
But harnessing renewal moments are the key to getting more done in less time.
It’s far more efficient to have absorbed focus for 90 min’s, take a true renewal break and then focus on your next task.

Peak-Performance & Well-Being.

We offer a series of training programs, presentations on wellness and strategies for individuals, leaders and teams to help them bring the best of themselves to work, especially in the face of high stress and demand.
Create a wellbeing workplace culture which will increase performance, staff engagement and retention
Empower your organization with strategic habits and tools so your employees get things done as efficiently as possible
Help your team manage their energy and not just their time to increase the workforce productivity levels
Take care of your people, enhance team cohesiveness and they will take care of the business!

Is the lack of engagement, innovation and productivity affecting the bottom line?

Personal Energy Management

Training Program

(Level 1) 

PEAK Energy Management

Training Program

(Level 2)

A Few Of Our Clients

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Seneca College

"Julie's presentation was mindful and timely for our organization. There are many changes that have happened and will continue. Sometimes as staff we need an opportunity/reminder of the best approach to what is happening, To be open, to be able to change our mindset is so important." Sara - Toronto

City of Ottawa

"Engaging, clear, great content! Useful reminders of how to achieve and maintain balance. Straightforward, to the point and delivered with great energy. Walking the talk!" Joanne Grace - Office Supervisor

Ontario College Management Academy

"Great presentation that allowed for self-reflection of the 4 energy sources and how they impact my leadership and personal resilience."  Natashia Deer - Faculty at Centennial College

Fanshawe College

"Julie has brought a large amount of information and strategies to our team to not only become more aware of our own personal energy sources but how to overcome our deficiencies." Scott Mousseau - Manager Advancement Services, London ON

Bring A Thought Leader
& Keynote Speaker 
To Your Organization

Are you looking for a speaker or a Change Management Practitioner to bring well-being in your workplace? Invite Julie to come and speak on 'How To Activate Workplace Well-being Once and For All!'

Contact us at PEAK Energy Management and let’s chat about what we can do together!