Self-acceptance… that’s a mouth full for some of us.

Here I go with the deep questions…

Do you have parts of yourself you wish could just go away? Do you catch yourself still doing things or saying things to avoid conflict and to ensure you are loved and accepted? Are you perhaps hanging on to guilt from past situations? Is resentment silently eating you up inside? Do you feel like you are just not good enough?

It took me years, actually 35+ years to realize that I didn’t accept myself fully and that I certainly did not have genuine self-love.


And because I didn’t think I was good enough, I was constantly making bad judgment calls, saying yes to things I had no true desire to do but did so to be accepted and I was living with a quiet depression inside while having self-sabotaging thoughts running in my head 24/7. Exhausting!

It was the end of 2011 where I made my decision to get rid of my crap so I can finally step in my power and make a true difference with my life. I went for my coaching certification and came back every weekend a new person. I learned to feel my emotions (instead of suppressing or intellectualizing them all) and gave myself the space to reflect on my current behaviours and patterns that were built from my childhood experiences. Giving myself the space to think allowed me to have many ah-ha moments and to change my “poor me” story to a story of power, meaning and character!

I took intense self-development courses with Human Behaviour Specialist Dr. John Demartini that blew me away!! I discovered the true meaning of being authentic and how everything we experience has a polar opposite. Meaning that all of the negative we experience, we simultaneously benefit from. It just depends what type of “glasses” we are wearing when looking at our life experiences. Are we focusing only on the negatives or do we dare to ask ourselves…

“How do I benefit from this situation?”


This changed my life forever! The sooner you can see the positives from your negative situations you are no longer trapped and controlled by your emotions, You are free from the turmoil and are free to change your perception, which changes your life circumstances. As Wayne Dyer would say, “When you change the way you look at things, the things around you change.

Then I dared to plunge deeper and enrolled in a “Self-Discovery” course ran by Chakaura and later studied to get my Naturopathic Energy Practitioner certification. The cherry on the Sunday. Here I learned powerful techniques not only for myself but for my clients. Removing blockages at an energetic level that helped change behaviours, raise self-esteem, increase courage, presence and so much more! Mucho powerful!

In a nutshell, this is what I have learned, applied and what I teach in my workshops.

  • Face your emotions and learn to manage them so you can free yourself from your past baggage
  • Be your authentic self. People will judge you whether you are yourself or a fake, so you might as well be yourself.
  •  Look for the positive in your negative situations by simply exhausting this question… “How do I benefit from this situation?”
  • Give yourself the time to reflect and re-write your “poor me” stories and find how it has built your character and given you strength.
  • Love all that you are, the good the bad and the ugly. Accept that whatever you did or didn’t do, was the best thing you could do at that moment. Guilt is poison and so is resentment.

If you are interested in exploring self-acceptance and the powerful lessons I have learned, I invite you to come at the “Self-Acceptance” workshop on Thursday April 14th, 2016 at the “Women Self-Empowered” series.