successThe New Year is here and many of us are right into our New Year resolutions and focusing on success! Now let’s hope that you don’t fall in those frightening statistics (80% of people fail) of those giving up partway through and not making the New Year resolutions become reality.

If you want to ensure you are on the right track, take some “me” time and reflect on some quality questions that will ensure your success. Just like painting a room, we do the prep work before we do the actual painting. Prep for your success by selecting and answering the questions from the quiz below you haven’t taken the time to clarify.

Plan well, be realistic, stay strong and focus on your goal and your vision of making your resolution come true! You can do it!!

Learn how to make Your Goals a Reality!


1) What goal would I like to accomplish?
2) What are my values?
3) What is most important to me right now?
4) Do my top values align with what I want to accomplish? Why is this important to me?
5) Do my environment and/or my lifestyle support my goal?

  • Physical  YES___ NO ___
  • Health  YES___ NO ___
  • Social  YES___ NO ___
  • Network  YES___ NO ___
  • Mental/Emotional State  YES___ NO ___
  • Environment  YES___ NO ___
  • Financial  YES___ NO ___
  • Career  YES___ NO ___
  • Spiritual  YES___ NO ___
6) Which area(s) of my life do I need to make adjustments in and what are some things that I could do in order to be set-up for success?
7) What are the Benefits & Drawbacks of me committing my goal(s)?
8) What if I do accomplish my goal, how will I feel? How different will my life be?
9) What if I don’t accomplish my goal, what will happen? How will I feel and what will my life look like?
10) What are my possible saboteurs?
11) What might get in the way of my success? (people, outings, time wasters, environment, myself etc…)
12) How will I overcome my saboteur?
13) Who can be my accountability partner and what could be their role?
14) What action steps need to be in place for my success?
15) What attitude would be beneficial for me to have?

  •  I say YES to …
  •  I say YES to …
  •  I say NO to …
  •  I say NO to …
16) What mantra can I say that will keep me going?

Tips to make it stick!

  Remind yourself of the attitude/behavior that will support you along the way
  Be consistent to keep the momentum going! Soon the small steps will become big accomplishments.
  Focus on your final outcome and not the activity that will get you to your outcome.
  Reward yourself and self-care!
  Track your progress
  Forgive your failures. Look at “falling off the wagon” as a learning experience instead of self-judgment and get back on track!
  Be grateful that you are committed to your life and be grateful for the challenges and the support you get along the way – You grow through challenges!

Why work with a coach?

  To create momentum and quicker results. No more wasting time!
  To be held accountable and help you increase your self-discipline. Truly committing!
  To help you manage any sabotaging thoughts. No more energy suckers!
  To guide you in truly connecting within and to help you create the life you want!


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