Overwhelming-EmotionsDo you ever feel some situations are going to make you flip out?!! Do you feel you have unresolved situations and emotions that are affecting you today? Do you bite your tongue and/or ignore your negative feelings and sweep them under the carpet? It is shocking how unresolved conflicts and suppressed emotions affect your health & well-being.

First you might ask, what’s the problem with ignoring, suppressing and/or swallowing my negative emotions? Well, if you don’t deal with them, they will come and bite you in the bum, guaranteed!

For the longest time we were led to believe that our body and mind were separate entities. However, there is now research that confirms that whatever you think or have not resolved emotionally, can affect you on a cellular level. So deep that it can create illness, chronic disease and all kinds of ailments. Bruce Lipton Ph.D., former medical school professor and research scientist has written a book describing this process in Biology of Belief. When you experience symptoms, your body is communicating to you that something is wrong!

Did you know that shoulder tension/pain is an indication that you are people pleasing and that you are carrying the weight and responsibility in ensuring other people’s happiness and well-being?


So many times we elect to ignore feelings of fear, anger, sadness and guilt because it might be too painful to deal with. However, our body will not and cannot ignore these feelings and will create symptoms to get your attention!

Now what? There are 3 STEPS to help manage and deal with these negative emotions so you can stay on top of your health!


When you have physical symptoms (any physical symptoms), take the time to do some inner reflection and research on the cause so you can deal with it and move on! Books like “The Complete Dictionary of Ailments and Diseases” by Jacques Martel,  “Métamédecine” by Claudia Rainville and “Your Body Speaks Your Mind” by Debbie Shappiro are fantastic resources to have. They are my bible!


Once you have an idea of what the cause of your symptoms may be and you get familiar with the emotion you are feeling, it’s time to release it! I have two techniques I would like to share with you. Neither one is better than the other and both will help you reach deeper wisdom and help you move forward. Choose one or both for a greater resolve.

  1. Feel it and release it! Are you angry? Then let that anger out through a physical activity or invest some time in preparing to have a discussion with the person you are angry with. Are you sad? Then cry your heart out and surround yourself with a support team. Feel your emotion and DO NOT obsess on thoughts about the issue you are dealing with. Ongoing thoughts about your situation will only feed the emotion! The key here is to release, to intentionally let go whenever the emotion rises, and then, it is critical that you return back in the present moment.
  2. Look for the imbalance in your thinking about the whole situation. Negative emotions are the result of only seeing the “bad” and not seeing the “good” you are getting out of this experience. As Dr. John Demartini would say, “there’s an equal amount of benefits and drawbacks in every situation”. You just need to find them! So sit down with a pen and paper and identify at least 20-25 benefits of you being in the situation that is causing you this negative emotion.

If you are angry, feeling diminished and frustrated that one of your friend (or anybody else) is constantly criticizing you, then you want to ask yourself, how is this experience benefiting me?

Some answers could be: I’m realizing this person is toxic for me, it’s showing me that I am not standing up for myself, this will motivate me to respect myself more, I am noticing that I’m in an unhealthy relationship, it’s forcing me to get help, it’s allowing me to get closer to another friend/family member as I confide with them of my situation etc…


Commit to doing one or two things that will shift this cycle you might be stuck in. Continuing on the above example, two actions could be:

  1. When I am criticized, I will communicate to the individual that it doesn’t make me feel good and I would appreciate them to stop. I feel hurt, demoralized.  I am doing my best!
  2. Surround yourself with people that love you and that accept you for who you are.

I’m sure many of you will agree that being & feeling healthy is so important. I urge you to listen to your body, manage your emotions and you will experience more joy, more energy, better relationships, greater emotional balance, physical health and a more fulfilling life. You deserve it!

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Light, Love and Laughter! ~