At the end of my rope…

Julie Richer-109Do you go through moments where you feel the world is crashing down on you? Times where you feel so alone, you just want to crawl in a hole and not come back up? Do you catch yourself riding the emotional roller coaster from hell? Yes of course you do and so did I.

I have found myself seriously doubt that what I’m doing is good enough. I have felt alone, unsupported and wanting to give up on my dreams ’cause it’s so damn hard to keep going. And in those moments, I have found myself walking in my house, closing the door behind me and cry because the loneliness, fears and confusion was just too much. I felt like giving up, felt very sorry for myself and many times went down the unhealthy route to escape from my sorrow. It could have been sex, drugs, alcohol, shopping, unhealthy foods… whatever! Take your pick, we all have our weaknesses.

Life has ups and downs and if you think life should always be positive, glorious and fun!!! I’ve got news for you, you are fooling yourself! Life is a mix of dark and light, peace and war, life and death and yes… pain and pleasure. The goal is not be to be happy and feel pleasure at all times, but more to be balanced between the happiness and the sadness. That’s when you get the real taste of what life is about. But yes, I know, fun is… FUN and pleasure is addictive. Many people live life thinking that it should always be fun, positive and these same people find themselves fighting depression (the emotional roller coaster from hell). According to Global Depression Statistics, July 2011, depression affects over 121 million people worldwide! What the ____?!!

Let’s stop living in a fantasy folks and let’s get a grip on what life is all about!

Balanced and healthy individuals use the following techniques to be able to cope with life stresses, the “end of my rope” type of feeling, depression and unexpected challenges. Pick your top three and apply them consistently.

  1. Cry if you need too! Beat up a punching bag like there’s no tomorrow! Express your emotions, but don’t feed them with “poor me” thoughts.
  2. Connect with nature to calm the thinking wheels in order to feel grounded and whole again. Just BE.
  3. In your challenging moments, ask yourself “What is this challenge telling me about what I need to do?” “What am I learning about myself?”
  4. Ask for help! Talk to someone impartial who can just hear you out. Talking out loud with someone can help you find clarity and help you detach from the drama
  5. Be grateful for the challenges as they are the ones that help you grow and being grateful contributes towards your ability to bounce back quickly
  6. As Dr. John Demartini would say, identify 20-50 benefits of you being in the situation you are in. See the good in the bad, to balance your perception
  7. Commit to action. Do what you need to do to improve your situation (see #3)

The moments that have the greatest significance and impact on our lives, are often the difficult moments we face, experience and overcome. Don’t let the down moments rule your life and don’t expect life to be positive and high all of the time. You deserve to enjoy life as it is and don’t need to suffer.  Learn to be grateful for all that happens in your life and yes that includes the pain.

If you’re tired of doing this alone or know about the techniques above but have a hard time implementing them, please contact me. I’ve learned to apply these techniques myself and teach others to do so and so much more!

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P.S. I would love to hear from you! Please share your healthy technique(s) that help you get out of the “end of my rope” type feeling.