Are you tired of calling yourself a procrastinator? Do you wish you had more discipline to achieve your goals so you can feel productive and have a sense of personal freedom?  Let me share with you some tips on how to increase your self-discipline.

Last week I delivered a workshop on Self-Discipline and ah-ha’s of all sorts happened by all of the participants. Some realized they were actually disciplined in many areas of their life, but judged themselves “not doing enough”.  Some realized they were not taking charge of their life at all and this awareness is now propelling them to do something about it! Others were able to see clearly why they were not self-disciplined in one area because it just didn’t match their highest values.

No matter what your reasons are for not having self-discipline, there are still strategies you can put in place to experience personal freedom, accomplish your goals without feeling restricted, stuck in routine and finally celebrate your successes!!

Wheel-of-LifeStrategy #1: Increase your awareness around self-discipline in your life

I love the Wheel of Life exercise. It can be modified for many things and this time I recommend you complete the Wheel of Life exercise to evaluate your level of self-discipline in all areas of your life. Why? You too might realize that you are doing tons and that your self-judgment is only but toxic and false. Or you may get a reality check that will motivate you in action. Download the Wheel of Life and Self-Discipline Worksheet


5-Second-RuleStrategy #2: 5-Second Rule

When you have a thought, an impulse, an idea or your intuition tells you that’s it’s time to do a task or an action… take action within 5 seconds of your idea. Any action! Whether it’s writing a note about your idea, sending yourself a text, making a request… take an action, any action.

For example: The other day I saw a jogger go by my house and I thought “Awe man, it would be so nice to go jogging tomorrow morning in the woods”. It had been 6 months since my last jog. Within 5 seconds I took my running shoes out of my closet and put them out by the front door. Later during the evening another thought came to mind, “I wonder if I’m going to remember that I want to go jogging…” so within 5 seconds I took out my jogging clothes and put it out where I could see it when I woke. Then just before falling asleep, I imagined myself waking up at 5am full of energy and envisioned myself in the woods basking in my effort and joy of actually sticking to my health goal.  You know what? I jogged 6 km’s the next day and LOVED every minute of it!

Marry your idea or impulse with an action within 5 seconds!


DistractionsStrategy #3: Remove temptations

Out of sight, out of mind. One effective way to stay disciplined is by removing distractions. For ex: if you want to lose weight and eat better, get rid of all junk food. If you want to do research, reading or writing on your computer, don’t even open Facebook. If you want to be productive in your office, get rid of the clutter. Get rid of the distractions and you will have more success!


DisciplineStrategy #4: Ease into your self-discipline

The trick is to create a new habit that will be challenging and also doable. That is also eased in and implemented weekly until the desired goal is reached. What you want to avoid is jump in full throttle and expect that your new habit will be instilled consistently and successfully from the get go.

For example, let’s say one of your goals is to wake up at 5:30 every week day morning to meditate for 1⁄2 hour before getting ready for work. Most of us would say, “alright starting tomorrow, I’m waking up every morning at 5:30 to meditate”! Can you see it? That spells “not successful and giving up partway” to me. Instead…

1) Determine the goal you want to reach. For example, “I want to meditate every week day morning at 5:30 am”.

2) Ease into your new goal by creating a new habit that is challenging and doable and increased on a weekly basis until you have reached your initial goal.

Here’s an example:

  • Week 1 – Get up at 5:45 three times a week and meditate for 15 minutes
  • Week 2 – Get up at 5:45 four times a week and meditate for 20 minutes
  • Week 3 – Get up at 5:30 Tuesday & Thursday and at 5:40 on Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • Week 4 – Get up at 5:30 Monday, Wednesday & Friday and at 5:40 on Tuesday & Thursday
  • Week 5 – Get up at 5:30 every weekday and celebrate at the end of the week!

Steven Covey author of “Seven Habits for Highly Successful People” states that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. With five weeks to ease in your new habit, you are more likely to succeed and stick to it!

MindsetStrategy #5: Visualize your success before going to bed and Shhhh…

Whatever you want to accomplish, visualize it and get into the feeling of what it would be like for you if you accomplished your goal. Athletes and many successful people do this all of the time and research demonstrates that this technique works!  Here are the steps:

Step 1: Determine upon a plan or a desire to be fulfilled. See that it is constructive, honourable and worthy of your time and effort. Be sure to examine your motive for bringing such a creation into expression.  It must be honest, both toward yourself and the rest of the world, not merely to follow a whim or gratify appetites of the physical senses. Results come to those who realize that discipline and conscious control of oneself is key to making the manifestation real.

Step 2: State your plan in words, as concise and clear as possible.

Step3: Close your eyes and see within your mind a mental picture of your desire or plan, in its finished, perfect condition and activity.

Note: Under no circumstances, discuss either your desire or the fact that you are visualizing with anyone whatsoever.  Do not talk to yourself about it, not even a whisper. Realize that the greater the accumulation of energy generated by your visualization, contemplation and feeling of reality of your picture, the quicker it will come into your physical world. Read and visualize daily and always before going to sleep.

Richer Transformations is bursting with wisdom, strategies and common sense. Let us guide you to your utmost potential!  We have more workshops coming up that might be of interest to you.

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